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Welcome to the 67934th Arena playlist where you can kill your friends and laugh at their corpse HaHA!

well until they respawn... Then do it all over again!


Playlist name: Frenemies

Creator: MisterrQuentin






I heard there's a bunch of people going around beating people up! So get your fighting gear if you're brave enough to venture into this playlist, And be ready to face punch someone at anytime. 


I hope you enjoy!

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Is this playlist mixed arena modes?  It looks like ball game and muckle.

Yes, it has at least one of every game type.

Even Muckle the Horse?


That's my favorite.

One of every Normal game type :P

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Is this playlist already out because I literally just got cecil (thank the battleblock theater gods in the sky) and yet i don't see this playlist.Do I have to finish the encores to get it?(Yes I am a noob to the game and this website).

You would have to go to Xbox live>Host game>Arena>Community theater>

Then either "Get new user created levels" since its in arena it wont be there for long, or "Search for playlist"

and you should be able to find it

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