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Backup sidekick

2013 Non-Featured Playlists Awards - Winners Announced!

non-featured playlists awards  

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  1. 1. Unfeatured Solo Playlist

    • BB Industries - Pipersaurus rex
    • Bleak & White - Adamatron
    • Journey - Octobot Super
    • Bbt Ninja Skill - Backup Sidekick
    • Suicidal Circus - CMoNeY23 (8bitten)
  2. 2. Unfeatured Coop Playlist

    • TogetherWeFail2 - CMoNeY23 - (8bitten)
    • Concession Cat - Ps3guyguy
  3. 3. Unfeatured Arena Playlist

    • Golden Blowhole - CMoNeY23 (8bitten)
    • There is no other choice, the cake is a lie

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Due to my limitations and desire to have the polls public so that everyone can see who voted for them I will have to make 2 threads. Please vote for the playlists that were not featured in this thread and take a second to vote for and play the playlists that were featured on the seperate thread for featured playlists.




Congratulations to all who were nominated this year, you are all winners according to the forum regardless of how the polls end! Good Luck and buckle them pants!



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Sorry I forgot to update this but congrats to the following:


Suicidal Circus by CMoNeY23 wins non-featured solo playlist of the year.


TogetherWeFail by CMoNeY23 wins non-featured coop playlist of the year


Golden Blowhole by CMoNeY23 wins non-featured arena of the year.


so apparently congrats to CMoNeY23!


Topic can be locked now.

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