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my kitten just stole my seat

now he's purring

Moving on. WELCOME to the world of my unfinished arena playlist, Kat Khaos 2! You're probably like,"2? Where's the first one?" Well, there IS a first one, but the levels are el-crapito, so....

Ahem, moving on. Again. Here are the 9 levels so far:

Mucklets of Fun: Muckle with Raccalopes, moving blocks and even ANGEL WINGS!

Hattington Bowl: B-Ball. The epic remake of a level from the not-critically-acclaimed-and-rather-lame Kat Khaos playlist.

Teufort BBTE: Muckle. The Battleblock Theater Edition of the famous Twofort from Team Fortress 2!

Parsley Flakes: Soul snatcher. Just a reminder: There are plenty teleporters on the top of the stage, so will you take the chances?

Cida Boots: King of the Hill. I've given you two movable blocks... both of which cannot block the the laser that will kill the KING.

CarpelTunnel: B-Ball. Features a ball return system.

Cathill Downs: Horse. Release the Raccalope! Oh, by the way, if you choose the lower route, your efforts will be in vain.

Trix Paradise: CTW. As long as nobody's a rabbit, we'll be fine.

Options Podium: Work together to destroy that pesky UFC (unidentified flying cat), or unlock the deadly water and shove your frenemy in? Or maybe get rid of the walls blocking those cannons?

This post will be updated when the playlist is finished.

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! PLAYLIST UPLOADED! The final three levels are "joke levels":

DonkeyKongBBTE: Time Trial. Boulder+Conveyers=This.

Mostly Fun Day: Time Trial. Green grass, ducks, sun, horses, boats, bugs, lakes, and spikes. Wait, what?

Reward Stage: Adventure. Hey look, your friends back at the boat stole some materials and set up a reward area JUST for you. It includes 16 drowning cats, 16 eaten-alive cats, a basketball court for you to listen to the compliments of the Narrator for, like, ever, two paths full of checkpoints to listen to a bunch of cheers, and a feast of strawberries and pumpkin pie.

If you have played this playlist, thank you, no matter what you rated it.


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:( why does nobody ever come to playlist promo anymore

Yes, I double posted to see if a "recent time" post would attract anybody.

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Hey, man, I'll play your playlist. How do I do it?

If you want to play by yourself or with another controller:

Go to the Local menu(far left on main menu screen)

Click "The Arena"

Click "Community playlists"(or what ever it is called, in the bottom right)

Click the second option(from the left)

Change the gamer tag from"Enter a gamer tag" to MeltedCow.

Click Kat Khaos 2.

For online, pick Host Player Match, then the rest of the steps above.

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Thanks, but please try to NOT type with caps for the beginning of everyword. It tends to annoy some people.  (to Mr Hatty) 

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