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Favorite Heads In Battle Block Theater

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      In Battle Block Theater, there are only five heads left and then there will be no more future new heads (Unless there will be future D.L.C). There have been big and small heads, animated and not animated heads, familiar and not familiar heads, and so on. With that being said, what are your favorite head(s) in Battle Block Theater?


~My favorite heads~


1.) BOOM! star head (the bomb head)


2.) Lava Lamp star head


3.) Donuts, the donut star head


4.) King star head


5.) triangle head with Sunglasses and a Martini Looking Drink in its mouth


6.) Barbarian star head


7.) Eyeball circle head



I will probably add more to this list when the rest of the heads come out so I can make a legit final decision. So expect this list to expand and change.




1.) No lists that contain more than 10 favorite heads.


2.) No criticizing other people's opinion on there favorite heads.


More rules will be added if seen necessary. Happy posting! :)

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Already a thread for this.

Really? I searched three times to make sure and I couldn't find it. If you can post the name or an I.P that would be helpful. If there is one like this, I'm requesting a lock.

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