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My First Attempt At A Playlist! Please Give Me Feedback!

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ThisIsThOnlyLvl by LordlierAlloy2


(Sorry, no screenshots.)


Based upon the Flash games of the same title on Armorgames, it's one room, but with subtle differences in each.

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That is the greatest flash game








As well as the second one...


"Yes, I know that there is a flash version of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers."


Anyways, the levels in that game are so original and creative. Excellence in a nutshell. I actually thought of creating a ThisIsTheOnlyLevel playlist, but I have to work on my Goldy Souls, Arcadia and The Art of War.


EDIT: Just finished the playlist yesterday. Sent you a friend request but your lil bro was on. I played with him anyways.

Great playlist. The toast is annoying until you figure out what to do.

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