I Would Love Your Feedback For A Zaplosion Version 2

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So far I know the encores were a let down, but with version 2 it can be fixed. Please feel free to give me your honest feedback so I may improve my playlist for a better experience. Share what you disliked and want fixed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I really liked your playlist, so before I say anything, know that you don't need to change anything.


I did notice that most of the levels felt like there were only 2 puzzles to solve, and then the level is done.  Go up the acid bubbles, go down.  go up the paper airplanes, go down.  Jump over the saw while riding boats, then the second puzzle that I can't remember.  Maybe add some smaller puzzles/traps, or make the puzzles smaller to add more to each level.  Some of the puzzles felt bigger than they needed to be in order to enjoy what you were going for.


Second, find a creative experience for every pie.  the acid buble level had probably the least enjoyable pie to retrieve.  It felt hard and unforgiving, but not in a good way.  even if the pie isn't incredibly hard to get, but the finding is fun or just the way to get it is interesting and weird, it's fun and memorable.  I've seen too many pies get thrown into a box with spikes all around, and although that makes the pie difficult, it doesn't make it fun or memorable.


good levels live forever, but legendary pie locations never die. (the sandlot)


EDIT: "Go levels?  Really?  Just how bad is my typing?

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I will check out every nook and cranny in order to be closer to perfection. Please keep on posting feedback it really helps me out and only takes a second to leave:) Thank you for your help everyone!

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