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blue sky


blue sky waht r u doin







(This is a general Peanuts discussion thread btw.)

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I thought this was another food thread... I'm kind of disappointed it wasn't...


I was going to post this if it was, but I'll do it anyway since it's not.

assaulted_peanut.jpgA-ssaulted Peanut

On topic to the actual thread though, it seems like a pretty good movie. Some people will say it will 'ruin' the Peanuts, but is it better to watch something die than attempt to revive it? That was a bad metaphor, I would go with the dying thing after reading that.

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But is it really going to revive Peanuts? I really don't want this to get the Arthur treatment (shout-out to Mr. Hatty's friend on YouTube) and become another crumby CGI-animated reboot aimed at toddlers. I guess I shouldn't be pessimistic though.




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