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Just Muckle

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hello, im Ec Nebur and i made a new playlist, the type are muckle,its my first time on muckle and im not a professional making that maps, but i hope you like my playlist.


what makes it different for the other muckle maps are:

- no more kill respawn (i hate the respawn kills)

- have death zones

- some distractions 

- the map never will be the same (shuffle blocks)

- you can run for your life or fight

- you cant camp on one place

- if you fall, the water will always be waiting for you


if you liked that reasons, you need to play my playlist and give 5 stars :D !!!



           GT: Ec Nebur

       Game type: Muckle

  Playlist name: Just muckle



Have fun!! :D, tell my what do you thing for the playlist, and if you liked for feature. :)

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Cool man cant wait to check it out! ^_^

What was that? You want me to beat you in Muckle?

lol remember when i made you quit battleblock, and you moved to happy wars ^_^

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