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I just felt like making a thread for people to discuss embarrassing things that have happened in their life :)


Feel free to post any tale or story you want!


I'll start it off:


When I was younger we were driving past a farm, I saw two cows (reproducing) I thought they were fighting so I asked my Mum: Why are those cows fighting?.....They weren't fighting....


I know that wasn't too embarrassing but hopefully you got a giggle out of it!

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I used to have social anxiety my freshman year. So I went to a school dance with some people, and danced with some people. I consider all of those embarrassing because of how I handled them. 

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I once was a dog, and my owners made me wear a stupid lobster outfit.  It was so embarrassing.  I just hope there aren't any photos of the event on the internet.

Here we go.Seriously though I used to/still do go online and look for things that looked interesting to me, interesting facts if you will.Then later at school tell them to my peers.

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one time i was was on my neighbors lawn talking to his daughter, when he looks in my direction and asks how my dads doing, I then said yea my dad doing fine or something along those lines, his daughter starts laughing at me. I then turn back and see he was talking to his neighbor who had come out the door to get a smoke. It was very cringe worthy since the guys dad was really bad off and was in a wheelchair, one part of his brain didnt really work. So embarrassed i tried to deny to his daughter that i said that, she just laughed and laughed. This happened 3rd or 4rth grade, and i still remember like it was yesterday.

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While I was leaving Macy's, I walked into a door because I was too busy looking at my DS playing Scribblenauts.


....My mom loudly laughed at me.

Ahh.. You know you have great parents when rather then asking if you are okay, they laugh their butts off!

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Ahh.. You know you have great parents when rather then asking if you are okay, they laugh their butts off!

"LOL, look at our son Billy getting run over by that tractor trailer! Typical Billy!"

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Ahh.. You know you have great parents when rather then asking if you are okay, they laugh their butts off!

"LOL, look at our son Billy getting run over by that tractor trailer! Typical Billy!"

Haha, damn boy needs to learn how to stop an extremely fast vehicle with lots of force behind it when it's coming towards him at high speeds!

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One time, when I was 14, I went to a monster truck show. As soon as it was over, I left not having to use the restroom. Then I get in the car, my bladder suddenly built up and sort of needed to go, but I decided to hold it. After I took off, I was stuck in heavy traffic, but I could still hold it. I went to McDonalds drive-thru after finally getting out of horrendous traffic. There was an opportunity to get out and go, but I still held it thinking I could hold it until I got home. Huge mistake. As soon as I got home, my bladder suddenly spiked and I was trying to run to the bathroom, but my poor bladder could not hold it another minute and I ended up going on the floor. So there you have it, wet my pants as a 14 year old girl. Now that was embarrassing.

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"tfw no high school gf" - The Chronicles of GoldenGhost the Beta


me, standing around awkwardly at school dance

walk over to group of people and pretend I'm talking to them

slow song starts

everybody walks away

standing alone again

look around to make it look like I'm looking for someone

no one buys it

girl walks up to me

"hey, do you wanna dance?"

all of my wat

run sofrigginbeta.exe

"Uhhh I'm looking for my date"

awkward silence

doesn't look like she buys it, disgusted look on her face

"Oh, sorry. I was just asking because you looked lonely"

walks off with a group of guys

continue standing there

too busy thinking about what just happened to pretend like I'm looking for someone

hear people laughing

never go to school dance again


just kidding, I go to the dance again next year

see 8/10 qt3.14


she's talking to THAT GIRL




friend with aspergers walks up to me

I'm actually really surprised he showed up, I know people with aspergers don't do well in loud crowded places

seems surprisingly chill

"hey, danced with anyone yet"

i look over at qt3.14 again

"nah not yet"

"oh, well I danced with someone and she and I are getting our picture taken together later"

no friggin way

my friend with aspergers who is 2 years younger than me and never talks to anyone else got action before I did

"dude you should dance with that chick over there"

points to qt3.14


slow song starts, the heavens open up and an ethereal light shines upon her as a heavenly choir sounds throughout the room

"okay, I'll do it"

THAT GIRL left, the timing is perfect

walk over to qt3.14

"hey, wanna dance?"


she didn't hear me


she walks over to one of her friends

for god's sake

follow her over, touch her on shoulder

she turns around


she's kinda confused

her friends push her towards me, not sure whether to be happy about that or embarrassed

she refuses to meet my eyes

plays with her hair nervously

"I'm actually pretty tired, I was gonna go get something to drink"

you're not getting away that easily

activate handsome Sean Connery James Bond mode

"Mind if I join you?"

she had already started walking away

she didn't hear me

she got away that easily

turn around

my aspergers friend is kissing the girl he danced with

never go to a school dance again


...just kidding. one last story.

go to "winter formal dance"

it's set up in the cafeteria, kinda lame

around 30 people show up

okay it's really lame

my friend and I walk in like we own the place

he (my friend) is tall, lanky, and wears glasses

he kissed a girl once on accident in first grade

(still more action than me)

no hope for him, he wasted his $10 on an admission ticket

we look around for familiar faces anyways

lots of freshmen who were too dumb to know that winter formal is the worst dance of the year

but I don't share their ignorance

I came here for one reason

one person in my grade who I KNEW would be here in this storm of ignorant freshman

dat class president

9/10 for sure (not very smart, probably won peoples' votes because of her looks)

anyways she doesn't have a date

i am bound by the law of nervous betas that I can't dance to fast music

this is okay, because as soon as the slow song sta-

the slow song starts

class pres appears out of nowhere


walks right up to me

"Hey GoldenGhost, having fun?"

so far this is literally the worst time I have ever spent at this school

"Yeah, this is a blast"

"I haven't seen you dancing much"

first law of nervous betas no longer has power over me

"You don't wanna spend your time standing around, come on and dance!"

also rule two states that when approached by your 9/10 class pres you are obligated to ask her to dance because YOLO

i can do this

i must do this

deep breath

suddenly out of flipping nowhere, my friend the idiot

"Hey 9/10 class pres, hey GoldenGhost"

"Oh... hey, GoldenGhost's idiot friend. Well I'm gonna check on other people, see ya"

9/10 steps back, fleeing towards the crowd


"Dude I can't find anyone to dance with"



proceed to explain to my friend how badly he just screwed me over

he lols

screw him

screw him forever

stand around awkwardly some more, because all of the cool kids are doing it

sit down when my legs get tired (it was a while)


wild snorlax appears

2/10, and that's on a REALLY good day

seriously this girl is huge and she's usually in the classes full of delinquents

she looks at both of us


does some kind of mysterious dance involving waving your arms around and moving your feet really fast


my friend has the most confused look on his face

I'm trying to hold back a laugh


I'm dying

my friend searches desperately for his Poke Flute, but gives up and responds

"Uhh... what was it again?"

She moves her feet really fast again, almost falls over

Satan punches me in the stomach, forcing my laugh out

my friend starts giggling too

the girl stands there for a second

Wild Snorlax used Doubleslap

...except that she totally missed my face, barely brushing my nose


people were staring

they probably didn't hear what it was about, just saw the slap

the girl ran out, knocking a decoration over on her way out

everyone looks at me and my friend

even class pres

the DJ must've been asleep to not notice that something was happening

awkwardness lasts for 1,000 years

finally a slow song starts, people go back to groping their date in front of their friends

friend and I don't say a word to each other

never go to a school dance again





(...Prom is in 2 months.)

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One time I was walking into school for an award thing and when I walked in I didn't notice some lady pushing a kid in a wheelchair behind me so I just keep walking and behind me I hear a thump and the lady said "F*cking A**hole!" loud enough to make almost everyone in that area look over, so I go back and hold the door for her and the kid but when I say sorry she just looks at me and I end up awkwardly walking away with everyone still staring, laughing and making comments they think I can't hear...

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Hmmm alright


1. To entice a girl I liked, I bought her the Justin Bieber Christmas Album..... like, I went to a store and gave money to man in exchange for it..... I never ended up going out with her


2. I got held after school yesterday for telling my Spanish teacher that I wouldn't recycle because it was "The Devil's Work"


3. As a freshman, I only had one girlfriend the whole year, and barely talked to her at all over the month and a half we went out


4. I once asked out and got rejected by 6 girls in one day, though in fairness I didn't want any of them to say yes.... the 7th one did though


5. Most of my girlfriends coincidentally start doing drugs right after I break up with them


6. I didn't kiss a girl until 8th grade


7. I'm one of the only virgins in my grade, though I'm not embarrassed about that


8. You spelled "embarrassing" wrong. That's more on you than me, though.


9. When given the option to make out with my then-girlfriend or watch The Avengers in theaters, without hesitation I chose Avengers


10. I dated a Colombian girl once and didn't realize she wasn't white until after I asked her out


11. On one of my friend's phones, she has a picture of me passed out next to a pool of my own vomit


12. I literally just got the "Why did the Chicken cross the road?" joke like, last week, and my mind was blown


13. I used to watch and thoroughly enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the entirety of its first season... though I refuse to be associated with "bronies"


14. In hindsight, I've only ever dated one girl who wasn't blonde


15. One time while running at a cross country practice, a girl I liked ran by me and I immediately threw up


16. I am pretty unanimously known to be a crappy boyfriend to all but one of my girlfriends, only because she found social awkwardness endearing


17. One time while on a double date, I had a mental breakdown after passing by a TV playing old-timey cartoons. The next time I talked to my girlfriend she broke up with me


18. The last girl I made out with was the same girl who has that picture I mentioned earlier


19. I am the same age as all the kids in the grade below mine, so all my friends are about a year older than me


20. I once made an ex-girlfriend cry by accidentally implying she was a person who trades services.... she totally was/is though so I'm not sorry about it.



That's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed 20 weird things about me

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