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Welcome To The Steam Furbottom's Features Forum! Use Of This Forum Inside!

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Howdy Steam community! Welcome to the Furbottom's Feature section of the forum! Due to photo limitations of the Steam Discussion Boards, we are posting the screenshots from playlists in our forum threads. 



The Behemoth will make a new thread in this forum section every time one of our three Featured sections are updated with a NEW set playlists: 

  • Featured Arena -- Get there in-game by playing: Arena > Feature

  • Solo Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in game by playing alone: Furbottom's Feature > Feature

  • Coop Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in-game by playing with a friend online or locally: Furbottom's Feature > Feature

Use this forum to keep up with changes. You can also comment on the threads to congratulate your fellow playlist creators on levels well -- er, created!


Only The Behemoth can make new threads in this forum, but everyone can comment on existing threads!



The Behemoth will update this forum with a new thread as often as new Features are put up! 


We will also include the date each playlist is posted to Furbottom's Features.  Once the playlist is happily return to the bosom of the regular Community Theater, we will add in the date it was removed from the Features and lock the thread.


After a playlist is set back to normal, though, it's still searchable in our Community Theater in-game as a regular playlist -- so feel free to browse old, locked threads for suggestions on fun levels to play!



We are actively looking for Arena and Story playlists made by YOU to Feature! If you want your playlist Featured, make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in this post


You can help bring your playlist to our attention (and the attention of other players!) by posting about it in our Level Creations & Promotion Discussion boards on Steam. 


That's about it -- we hope you enjoy playing the best of the best Community Theater playlists by hopping into Furbottom's Features!

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