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This is my FIRST ever playlist created.

Name: Arena Nonstop

GT: Same as forum name

This is my FIRST playlist so be sure to tell me what to do better or any advice.

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I'll be nice and ACTUALLY check it out. I shall edit this post later.



EDIT: Played a couple levels, fun and chaotic. One thing that bothers me(even though it isn't much of a big deal): 

Color Coding. (Thanks, 8Bitten for teaching me that)


Color Coding would be something like, after placing the blocks, go back and put stripes or something. Or outlining blocks with a certain color, and have the other color on the inside(if there is one). Maybe make the whole level one color. 


Other than that, just go a little less on the danger, and make sure a player can get to their goal(like the right jumping distance). You should be good otherwise.

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Yes, thanks. I found this playlist back in my place. And I will consider Color Coding next time. I don't know how to do much but I'll try next time. If, I do. And I think the reason for putting traps was because of when I play ball game or any other arena, I'm sick of people running around when they're winning so you cant catch them. P.S. I added too many buzz saws in the King of the Hill map. :P Thanks for feedback

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