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Lormus' Gallery Of Custom Prisoners

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Since Behemoth is not going to implement anytime soon the Workshop feature for custom prisoners on Steam, I decided to start my own gallery of creations here, where I will post the promos I want to publish and share with the community.

I won't share all of my creations, for the moment (some are still incomplete or early experiments I want to keep for myself), also hoping some Workshop feature will be released in the far future.


Let's start off:


Promo "Freezer"  (Dragon Ball Z Tribute)





This is by far the most badass creation I've developed so far; took a second day to polish and do some proper face details.


Pick it up bros, and share with your friends.




Add me to steam for +rep, have a talk or give/take advices.


More to come in the future. Stay tuned.

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Looks dope mate! Quick tip: If you decrease the height of the picture about 1/5 it won't look stretched ingame :)

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