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My theory on how the evil hat that Hatty where's by me.

So the cat guards are aliens they looked like brown furry aliens but didn't look like a cat yet until they went to earth on there ufo's and picked up some rocks what they didn't know was the rocks were cursed and then they took cloth and a belt. They found a person-post-22247-0-43939500-1401927520_thumb.jpg they chopped him up then burnt him to ash they the made a hat with the items they found the cloth, cursed rocks, belt and the ash of a person. Then a alien found a stick and a cat he put on the hat and then hit the cat with the stick then the alien shot into the air and shot lightning at him and all the aliens, which turned the aliens into cats with tuxedos weapons and hats. But the one that was wearing the hat turned into furbottom then the hat passed on an every time one master died they burned them and there souls then compressed the ash into the hat now remember the hat had souls of the dead and cursed rocks compressed in it then it completely killed his new owner it made him always be crying he never moved and his eyes were always open no one was sure if he died so they kept him then thing happened they escaped (the prisoners with Hatty) into there boat and left and you probably know the ending of the game.

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This is kind of unrelated but I cannot create a new post since I am new here.


But anyway - I noticed in the room with all of the pictures of the previous hat owners - a large picture of Furbottom is shown with cats and rainbows in the backgrouund along with Furbottom pointing toward the upper right.  I could have sworn I've seen a picture like that featuring Kim Jong Un or Kim Jong IL - except with military planes flying in the background or something.  Am I just imagining the Kim Jong picture?  If I am just imaging this, what is this Furbottom picture a parody of? 

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Well the more random the story the more legit it is.


Nothing normal will ever fit battleblock theatre canon just right.


That being said you are freakin obsessed with rocks.

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