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(Made this mainly for steam but i thought i might as well post it here too.)
In this topic m going to try and cover as meny things in the level editor as possible, 
so hopfully you'll learn something whether you're a beginer or experienced,
and if there's anything that i missed or if you have any questions feel free to ask away.
Simple stuff:
How to get featured
Where are the gems in the editor?
Strawberries are the gems of the level editor
and the pies are the yarn.
(note: always double check if you have a pie in every level before you upload it
because if you forget a pie, people wont be able to get an A++ in you level.)
Color coding
This is very important if you're trying to get featured, it will make people like me and 
the behemoth take you levels a lot more seriously at first glance.
Examples of color coding.
Without color coding:
With color coding:
Secret levels
The secret level is the 15th level in your playlist. You can make it adventure or challenge, just make sure to put down the secret level block in one of your other 14 levels so you can access it.
Renaming playlists and levels
The only way to do this is make a new level name it what you want then load the level you want to rename and save it over your new level, for playlists you just have to make a new one a then save all your levels into it.
How to test your un-uploaded playlist
Go to "local game", then go to "the arena" pick "vs" or "co-op" then go to "community theater"
and finally go to "playlists i created". if you want to test online with a friend go to "online play"
"host player match" etc.
(Note: When testing, make sure you can get an A++ every level without dying,
So that you know its possible for others.)
Advanced stuff:
If you have more then two active teleporters the exit point will be random, But there are ways to have more then two teleporters in a level, and having only two active at a time. When you have a teleporter blocked you can't exit though that teleporter. Here is a picture of every block that can block teleporters.
You might think signs are pretty useless and are only there to make things look nice.
Well you're wrong, There are a few things that can't pass though signs and they are
"light bridges" "random moving blocks" and "lasers" This is very useful,
and what makes this so awesome is you can use the green duck shark sign which is invisible,
There's a bunch of different ways to use signs, Here are some examples.
(Note: the fliper block has the same properties as signs.)
You undoubtingly know how to use a saw, But there are ways to make them quieter,
and to make them stationary, Here are some examples.
You should experiment with all of these block combinations so you can figure out what works best.
Other stuff:
TheBehemoth's level designer's blog

blog part 1:

blog part 2:


TheBehemoth's level editor video

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Wow. Such a interesting guide for level designing and I think I learned some new things to do with signs.



Also you should try my playlist called "Buttery Gumballs" on Steam. It's a pretty challenging playlist but the later levels are easier due to rushing.


WARNING: It's hard and has lots of buzz saw noise. XD



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This the master we're talking to, guys. Say sir. These tips are amazing, sir.

Sir I agree with you sir, and great tips sir











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I should point out, green duck signs don't seem to stop lasers on Steam. Just tried it then, went straight through.

You can see the hit box of the sign when placing it, its the red square outline. if the laser or anything else i said the the guide hits the "hit box" it will stop it. and if it goes anywhere besides the hit box it will not.



Hope that helped!


(all pictures in the guide were taken in steam.)

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