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[18-July-2014] Arena Feature - Something Old For Something New

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Greetings all!


So that we do not step on the toes of the BattleBlock Theater Arena Playlist Creation Contest, we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming. Now, you may wondering, "why, what is this BattleBlock Theater Arena Playlist Creation Contest??", in which case, you can head over thisaways for all your BBTAPCC needs:


And since we want to give everyone the entire month to design and submit their submissions, we're going with an oldie but a goodie instead of relying on your collectively creative craniums...

Arena Feature:
FightForOurLove by The Behemoth



This week's prisoner pals are a perfect pairing of appetite and appetizing. Sorry for that Donuts; you always seem to get the short end of the stick. 


At least you're cute, though! Troll got the ugly end of the stick.


Don't look at me like that Troll or I won't let you eat Donuts.

...just can't win with these two.

[Arena Playlist 18-July-2014]

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And now I have a new rainbow sprinkles profile pic because of the new Donut head... o __ o

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We've brought back the Final Unicorn to count down the last days of 2017! You can also play this playlist in Arena Features <3


We hope you enjoy some quality gaming this weekend and have a happy new year!

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