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Castle Crashers Complete Knowledge

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Ok.. so i'm working on a flash that has all the Castle Crashers info...

such as:

weapons (location , stats , level required)

animal orbs (location , what do they do)

characters (how to unlock , stats , enemies)

items (such as the boomerang , the horn... where to gind them)

the world map (with locations and scrolling)

areas (every area from the map with a short description , details about the enemies , secret items)

bosses ( all the bosses from the game ... with pictures and description)

tips and tricks (fast experience points , how to....)

achievements (all the achievements with description and how to unlock them info)

every combo, what does it do and what level ig gets unlocked...

and many MORE

The main information source is ><

very usefull site... all i'm doing is putting all these informations in a flash + some MOAR... from other sources :P

I would like to use some high quality pics...

either from someone with a capture card that could capture pics or videos higher than 640x480 (waiting helps here) :D

or... if dan paladin is kind enough..... i could use some high quality pics directly from flash MX.... .png format or whatever...

you can see the work in progress here >

anybody who helps me with this flash will be credited :D

at this moment i need pics with the items : shovel , horn , boomerang , potion , boot (desert) so on :D

screenshot (for the lazy ppl)


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thanks guys :">

i've finished the 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 weapon groups....

but i don't have any informations about the blood stained sword...

can anybody tell me what's it's stats.... or trade it (my gamertag > xelubest)

you will be credited :">

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Very impressive indeed, my compliments. I'm gonna ask a very stupid question now, what is the bloodstained sword? i wanna know if i have it or not. ;)


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it's the rubber handle sword....

between the bone saw and the round mace

and THANKS ALOT NecroMancer :P

edit : are you kind enought to tell me the level required to use that weapon :-S

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quick question...

do you think those buttons with locations are THAT important?

at the weapons zone where is sais "the bla bla sword can be dug up at the flowery fireld level" and flowery field is clickable... is it that important?

cuz it's kinda hard for me do to this... (i have some problems at the moment)

if i remove those clickabla buttons i could finish this flash 50% faster :D

sooo i want some answers :P please? :D i'm doing this for you... help me out :3

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don't think so :-S

i mean... i have all the info i need.. i just gotto represent it in another way :P

all i'm doing here is copy pasting... + a little photoshop :))

if i'll need anything i'll post here a request :P

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