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Better Handling Of Custom Playlists, Please?

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Given the game being out on PC now and a level design contest, it seems like a good time to ask this:
PLEASE let us save customs for offline play, and please let us select and use our saved levels more effectively.

Offline play lets us get more enjoyment out of the levels and makes it so we don't lose them if someone gets one deleted or if you stop attending to the servers and the online storage.  I don't want my user levels to just go away if that happens, and I don't want to have to always have an account logged in to Live to enjoy them.  I don't know how things are on Steam, but I'm sure there are similar desires to save good levels.

If you are worried about cheating and modifying levels, then only count leaderboard runs and feature completion when made from the online version of a level (when an account is online, check the saved level against the server copy when the user opens it, or just give us the option of doing leaderboard runs vs regular/offline/practice runs).

I know the levels are small, so just make a single save file database and archive the levels there with our ratings (and tags/labels would be nice, too, but more important just to save).  Preferably, let us mark levels as just saved or as installed in the arena, so they can come up just by choosing an arena match type, like levels that come with the game.

For selecting and managing, please let us save levels from the community search screen, so we don't have to enter the level, exit it, save it, and then get dropped back to the title screen.  That's a bizarre and absolutely maddening process.  It's baffling that something like that even slipped into the game.  Normally, I'd run searches and go grab a bunch of customs to enjoy at my leisure, but your system is just too painful to go through.

We need to see more favorites at a time, page down/up through the list, and be able to find levels when we want them.  Your favorites system seems to just not be designed to be used, and certainly doesn't help us enjoy our saved levels.  The fact that it doesn't even show me my own ratings on the level list alone is crazy.  I don't want other people's ratings to override mine, especially since people are required to enter (but not think about) a rating just for trying a playlist.

Good customs add tremendously to a game, and you've got a great game to bank on that potential.  Please let us enjoy it for the present as well as the long term.

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If you want to always have a copy of Your playlist then just go to, Systems settings > Storage devices > Hard drive > Games and apps > BattleBlock Theater > Select your playlist > copy it onto a usb or the cloud, Then when you upload it use the save from the usb or cloud, then you will always have a offline copy on your hard drive. I hope that helps.

(Me and 8Bitten do this with all our playlists) 

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