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So I have been wanting to make a lets play channel for awhile so about a month a go I ordered an avermedia LGP capture card. After a month of extreme laziness, ridiculous technical and mental blocks, and starting freshman football, I have finally uploaded my first walk-through episode.

Here is the link---->

I'm playing Super Mario Sunshine, one of my favorite games. I hope to upload about one video a day, but there is a good amount of uploading time and tech stuff that goes on to get it on to YouTube. Also I use this guys setup but with a Wii. 

I don't know how long it will be to beat this game but I am pretty sure I know what game I am going to do next. This might be a thing I keep up for awhile or it might just dissipate if I get bored. I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I do making them.

                                                                                      VGWHQ-Video Game Walkthrough Headquarters


EDIT: For the life of me I can't make the video fit the whole screen. If anyone knows the solution that would be great.

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I think this would suit better for the YouTube channel sharing thread in the Off Topic Forum (that's where it is, right?)


But hey, good luck with the LP's.

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