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What Do You Think Will Happen In The Game? :3

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Lets think, what would game 4 be like?


Its bbt,cc and ah COMBINED together (whats that like friends or something?)





WHICH IS WHY WHAT I THINK IT WILL BE teen 14 and stuff like ALL the OTHERS



So what ya think? (this topic is waaaay off)

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I'm thinking that its kinda a sequel to BBT cuz

1) i love BBT :D

2) theres like Honey Hugs and stuff and in the opening cinematic, there's Hatty (woop) on the cave wall

3) and theres a dark thing in the corner THAT LOOKS QUITE ALOT LIKE THE CORNER OF A HAT *wink wink nudge nudge*

4) in the gameplay teaser, Stamper's like "... precious little PUPPETS..."


so yeah.

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