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How I Base Star Heads.

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I understand alot of you don't know if a certain trade is a good trade. Well, I base star heads on 2 different things, rarity, and value. Value is how much people want a head; what they are willing to trade to get it. Rarity is, of course how rare the head is.

This includes when it was released. This also means that the heads that were released earlier, will be re-released earlier. Heads that are re-released get more rare by the day. I hope I haven't lost you by this point. xD

This means that over time, the rare heads become common, and the common heads become rare. Since alot of people don't check the blog to see rarity/value, this makes it easy to make cheap trades.

The Furbottom heads will give you the head they are associated with if you have completed the levels. So using a simple exploit, you can get free heads. And since alot of people don't know about it, it's that much easier.

You can check around the blog to see what heads are rare. As for value, that's people's opinions. Generally heads like the Unicorn and Lavalamp are valued. And rare. However, they will be re-released soon, alot of people don't know that, as I've said. So you can make some pretty nice trades.

Heads that are given out just for logging in, are easy to get back, as everyone will have them (with a few exceptions). Which means noobs will have them. Which means 100 gems = non-rare/non-valued head from noobs. Hope this guide helps... Sorry it isn't organized well. Of course, leave your thoughts below, and have a fantastic day! :D

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I think the replies to this are kind of... What's the word? Off-topic? Useless?

Whatever the word may be......

May I request a lock?


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