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I'm A New Man

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I have decided to turn over a new leaf. For too long have I been rude to all the wonderful people on the behemoth forums, from now on I will be as friendly as I can be. I no longer have any reason to taunt all of you any longer, and I can only hope you will see me as I am now instead of who I use to be.

~Love, Scaler193

Roy doesn't even know how to use fancy text. Because people like this refuse to leave looks like I cant actually turn over a new leaf. Thanks a lot Roy.

P.S. Who even is Daikon? He has like no posts does he just hang out in forum games cause I neva heard of him, lol

I need to make a board game of Daikonboy vs mods. You play as daikon with vegan powers, me with beefy powers (I can also summon beffy dan), and morg with shrek powers. I'll add more if you want to play...

People who practice a carnivore diet more often than not die faster than vegans or vegetarians.

But shrek lives forever.

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