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[26-Sept-2014] Arena Feature - Here? There? Everywhere!

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Polish! Pizzazz! It’s often times what you don’t do that determines your chops as a quality level designer. What this creator did, though, was design great levels for every single competitive game type in Battleblock Theater. Calibrate your weapon-tools and jump right into this Arena Playlist.

Arena Feature


Hey look! It’s one of our runner-up’s of the Arena Playlist Creation Contest. Feast your fingers upon it’s multitude of stages in each of BattleBlock Theater’s directly competitive modes. Often, innovation can come at the expense of communication, but each of these arenas offers well balanced and interesting gameplay that is immediately accessible and understandable. These stages are apparently different from those offered in the original arenas of BattleBlock Theater but have you feeling immediately at home inside of them. A design feat that is often less obvious but far from effortless to accomplish.


Press your protean prisoner for points in this potpourri playlist!


Binary play bonus! These stages are well suited for two, as well as three and four player games.

What did the Otolaryngologist say when he dropped out of school? “I don’t Nose!”
Do you know who nose? The Nose Knows knows.


[Arena Feature 26-Sep-2014]

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We've brought back BOOM! and we're featuring these levels in the Arena Feature!

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