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[26-Sep-2014] Arena Feature - Fight To The Last, Damp, Quack

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It's Arena Feature Friday! Jump on in, the water's fine! I mean, full of sharks, but totally fine!


Arena Feature:

Duckshark Arena by Obama's Mama


Claims to presidential parentage aside, this week's playlist was a runner up for our Arena Creation Contest last month. Why? Well, aside from creating a bunch of great levels in a variety of modes, each level also includes a unique mechanic involving that most carnivorous of web-footed friends, the Duckshark! 


Whether he's helping out with buttons creating handy platforms, or he IS the handy platform, the Duckshark keeps the fight fresh and dynamic. And that's not even counting his role as a one-duck catapult crew! Getting beat to a pulp? Just take a quick trip through his digestive tract!


I mean, just look at all the places you may be launched...







Yep, getting launched by a duckshark is a great way to see new things. Not to mention smell new things. Gah! But hey, if your really want a good whiff of what makes them tick, try taking this week's prisoner for a spin!




[Arena Feature Sep 26 2014]

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