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Being the cartoon enthusiast that I am, I was excited to discover that recently the lost proof-of-concept Billy and Mandy short was published on Maxwell Atom's YouTube page. There was speculation about it for years, similar to the forbidden Dexter's Lab episode "Dexter's Rude Removal", about why it's never seen the light of day. According to the creator the short wouldn't go well on Cartoon Network as the short contains a bit where Billy's head is leaking blood from a hole in his skull.


I recommend you check this out to see how different a final product can be from the original vision, but uh, blood warning I guess. Also, for 1996 standards, this animation flows very well and gives a very 1930's vibe.

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Not really the usual stuff I post here but this is a great video on one of my favorite cartoons.



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16 hours ago, The Lame Cut said:

Dear lovely castle  crashers community
i want to shar  with you guys my youtube video about this  awsome game hope you enjoy my content 

Happy New Year <3

Thank you for sharing, but the link doesn't work :/ Maybe try sharing it again

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