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dP Cypher

Play Destiny With Me :d *ps4 Only*

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I've had it for a while, but I never played it until yesterday xD So if you want a oppurtunity to play with me. Post your PSN Name. And I will choose 2players(I think that's the party limit) and we shall just Go HAM! Just a few things:

•I will be on at 1:00 Central Time(Not really familiar with time zones but if you know what time it is for you, you should be fine)

• I am only level 8 xD So if you have any ways to help me get some good stuff or loot locations lemme know(I'm a hunter so you know I crave for cloaks :D)

And that's just about it. So leave your name down below. And I'll choose randomly. Also If you guys want. You can pick other names posted on here, and play with them. I will be doing this multiple times. So if you will always have a chance of playing.

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