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[10-Oct-2014] Arena Feature - The Courts Are In Session!

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This week's playlist was one of the absolute strongest contenders in our recent Arena Creation Contest, a clever and varied take on Ball Game with striking, retro stylings. We are very pleased to present to you...

Arena Feature:
Hatty Cup 2014 by KLJF22

KLJF22 is no stranger to BattleBlock Theater's workshop, having made bloody waves twice before with the Furbottom's Features, "Friendly Forest" and "Black and Blue". Aside from not falling into one of the more common Ball Game design traps (too much clutter, too many hazards), the levels in Hatty Cup also take smart advantage of some of subtle block interactions in order to create unique matches or extra smooth game play. Check out the careful ways Mystery/Hidden blocks are used to keep the ball from getting plugged up in awkward places, allowing for some more intricate court designs without worrying about the inner workings being clogged up.

Also, whew, those are some beautiful looking levels alright. Love them clean lines- so sportsmanly!


And what to do before the big game? Why not enjoy a tailgate party with this week's free prisoner!


Yup, just pull this grill up to the grill and enjoy some pre-game hotdogs!

[Arena Feature Oct 10 2014]

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