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[17-Oct-2014] Coop Feature - A Non-Linear Nightmare For Two!

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You know things are about to get serious when every level is dressed up in its finale-day best. Red and black, as far as the eye can see!

Coop Playlist
BoomerLands by Syntaxx
Difficulty: Expert

Syntaxx has created a frightening series of puzzle boxes that force you and a buddy to twist and contort yourselves in tandem. Tough to be sure, but the truly impressive thing here is that Syntaxx has somehow managed to create these sorts of intricate, coop-mandatory designs while still keeping most of the levels feeling very open and exploration based.

Sure, you and your partner will need to solve each section in just the right way, but by not force-feeding us challenge after challenge, the higher difficulty rarely felt too abusive.

Wait, did I just say that being burnt up or shredded by buzzsaws "didn't feel too abusive"? HMMM.


Well, perhaps it's only fitting that this week's Feature Reward is another BattleBlock Theater enthusiast who doesn't mind being burnt up: it's Toast!


(Just kidding: Toast will die almost immediately if you let him get burnt. Please take care of him!)


[Coop Feature Oct 17 2014]

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We're re-featuring this playlist in Furbottom's Features for the next few weeks! For a limited time only, you will unlock Cupcake after finishing all the levels! (Cupcake is a Steam exclusive)



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