Gamefemale Makes Art ( Well, Sorta )

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Hey everyone, I'm just double posting to make a status update. School is only a few days away from starting, and lately, I been having a lot on my mind and things are stressing me out more than they should be. It seemed like when I got back from vacation, rather than feeling refreshed, I felt stressed out (sometimes, even to the verge of tears). I just could not stop thinking about school and fearing what the not-so-good future holds for me and that's been bringing me down a lot. Therefore, I will be temporarily be delaying my works of art until I can get myself somewhat under control. Sorry for the inconvenience those of you who were just waiting to see more of my masterpieces, and I really hope I can get back in the swing of things soon. 

Take your time. Life comes first, always. Remember that. You owe us nothing, and if it makes you miserable to do it, don't do it. :-D
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