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This post is dedicated on improving the existing THEBEHEMOTH forums rules or in other words the guidelines of the forums, it's our responsibility as THE BEHEMOTH fans to improve the existing rules!


Here you can post new ideas for rules on this thread under the thread rules:


  1. DON'T make ANY rules that may offend other users
  2. DON'T plagiarize ANY rules made by other rules
  3. DON'T make ANY rules that discriminates any ethnic groups

What is plagiarism?



Note: I am NOT part of the THE BEHEMOTH staff team I do NOT work at BEHEMOTH, this thread is to help mods/admins to apply new and effective rules to make the BEHEMOTH forums more safer and troll-free as possible!


Change Log:


11/25/2014 8:37 PM - Grammar Checks

11/26/2014 2:21 PM - Included a link to existing forum rules

​11/26/2014 6:51 PM - Capitalized Don't(s)

Edited by LAZER™

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how about we turn tbf into behemothchan great idea right?!?!?! xD


srsly tho, we should have a rule where you have to actually contribute to the thread or at least contribute with something related to the thread.


Not contributing to a thread is considered spam, which is already a rule.

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I don't know if this counts as different, and most people forget this thread exists, but we already have a thread similar to this.

If they are different enough, just ignore me and carry on.

I see what you mean by similarities of the threads but it talks about ideas for different forums not rules, but thank you for your concern!

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