Battleblock Theater One Block Challenge (Obc)

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Welcome! to the Battleblock Theater One Block Challenge




This is the Ultimate Battleblock challenge, this challenge will push you to your max and probably drive you insane and down right nuts, but i believe that we can achieve this challenge and make the impossible possible, what can you say are you up for this challenge?


If yes, continue to read below...



  • A copy of the game
  • A chean gamesave
  • A lot of time
  • Experience
  • Luck

How to reset:


1. turn off steamcloud via Steam-> Settings-> Cloud

2. quit steam and delete ur playerstats here: Program Files/Steam/userdata/"your steamid"/238460
3. start Steam and then start BBT
4. quit BBT, turn your Cloud back on and then start BBT again
5. Steam should now ask you if you would like to upload your local data


Note: PLEASE make a backup file [Copy & Paste]


Challenge Rules:

  1. You MUST start at the very beginning of the game [intro]
  2. You MUST play from beginning to end without quitting the game [one complete playthrough]
  3. You MUST watch all Cutscenes and credits
  4. You MUST restart your whole game if you die
  5. You MUST collect all gems, yarn, etc. [100% Complete]
  6. You CAN'T use any of your weapons
  7. You CAN'T pause in the middle of a level
  8. You CAN suicide outside of a level
  9. You CAN pause outside of a level
  10. You CAN'T take a break in he middle of a level [leaving your computer/console]
  11. You CAN take a break outside of a level [basic human needs]
  12. You CAN'T change your look [breaks immersion]

Note: Any rules broken, you MUST restart your whole game!


Good Luck!


Change Log:


11/27/2014 12:22 PM - Added a note to the challenge rule's

11/27/2014 12:23 PM - Update the steps on resetting your game

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Isn't this just a fancy name for a BBT speedrun with a rule set?


No, because you can take as long as you want, plus it takes time


But, i see what you mean by it

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