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[5-Dec-2014] Arena Feature - Ten Ducksharks Detonating...

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We're gearing up for the holidays here in little ole Behemothtown, and that means a wholesome helping of holiday cheer! Of course, the cats at BattleBlock Theater know nothing of your quaint traditions, so the only cheers you'll be getting are for blood! Human blood!!


Still, I'd like to think that this time of year has a way of bringing out the best in us, which may be why Furbottom is featuring some of this year's Greatest Hits!


Arena Feature:

Duckshark Arena by Obama's Mama


You know, the only thing more difficult than corralling ducks is sharks. And the only thing more difficult than THAT is corralling Ducksharks! Yet, despite the challenges involved in rangling an immortal, explosive, man-sized beast that walks up walls, this playlist's designer managed to make every single level depend on the critters.


Whether they're your goalie, changing the battlefield by stepping on triggers, or acting as mobile, omnivorous stepping stools, you'll need to master this most powerful of power animals to win!






If BattleBlock Theater does have any traditions, eating things whole has to be one of them: Raccalopes, Ducksharks, Cats... well, they devour the popcorn whole at least. This week's prisoner must feel right at home!




Was he drawn by the buttery sweet smell of salty snacks, or did his journeys with a certain Alien bring him to this long lost island? Who knows! Well, he does, but that's his business...


[Arena Feature Dec 5 2014]

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This week, we've brought back this Arena playlist as the Arena Feature for the next two weeks!




We've also brought back Meebs for a limited time only, so if you don't already have Meebs then load up the game to get this special unlock! :) 

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