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I really want to make pixel art so I am taking requests if the are relatively easy. I am new to this so bare with me I made two already but I need a day or two to post them because I have to find them. I did a five minute alien hominid head

to start off


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Pretty neat! You might want to enlarge the AH picture, since it's pretty small. Plus, part of the fun of pixel art is seeing the individual pixels, so it's good to make sure they're clearly visible. Your whale picture does that pretty well, although to be honest, I feel like more effort could be put into making it. Pixel art isn't meant to be something you throw together quickly; patience is a definite requirement. It requires a lot of careful precision and attention to small details to make everything look nice. Each piece of pixel art I've drawn took me hours to do. Sometimes I start with a very low resolution drawing of what I want, then keep stretching (enlarging) the picture and adding more detail as I go. I'll post an example next time I draw something. With my Daft Punk picture, I just went and used the resolution I wanted the picture to be in, which meant I had to make lots of changes as I went along and drew it to match the pictures. It just depends on what I'm drawing. By the way, I almost always use a picture of my subject for reference. It's very helpful for making your art look realistic.


I also recommend downloading and becoming familiar with a free art program, like paint.NET, instead of using online tools. You'll usually get a lot more options to make exactly what you want. Keep up the good work though, I'm looking forward to seeing how your art develops!

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Thanks Golden Ghost I will take you advice. I am doing this without a mouse, I am using a laptop pad. I'm going to spend more time on them and get a mouse soon. So hopefully they will look better. Thanks again, it means a lot to me 

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