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Favorite Character And Weapon

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Y'know, this could apply to BBT...

My favorite character was the Bear, but I've come to love the Iceskemo a tad more. SCHNOWBALL! SCHNOWBALL! IN DA FACE!

-ahem... What was I saying..? Oh yeah!

My favorite weapon would definitely be the Necromancer Sword, because it lets me max a stat besides defense first, and I wont have to worry about dying in three seconds.

Now, as I was saying before, this could be BBT as well:

I love Cyber Monday with the grenade by a rather large margin. It's an adorable present, and then suddenly the noobish little triangle standing in front of it is blown into a million pieces.

I cry everytime... :cry:

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In general, I like the green knight, but I have grown to like the ninjer, and bear. (I haven't unlocked the ninjer or bear)

If we are talking about beefies, I love the brute, King, pink knight, and the bear (dem bloody nipples tho).

My fav weapon is the dragon sword, big giant gold sword, and the necromantic sword.




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The King has always been one of my favorites.  Seeing a Level 99 old man run around with his Scepter saving the Kingdom is always fun.  The Necromancer, Pink Knight, Blacksmith, and Green Knight are my other favorites.  The Wooden Club is my favorite weapon as it is the best one in the game stat wise. 

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My favourite character is the Industrialist, the Civillian and The Blacksmith, i dont have the Blacksmith tho .-.


My favourite weapon is probaly the Ice Sword thingy, even tho the sword is pretty bad and i never ever use it, i still like it because it looks so cool.

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