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71 Red Knight, but I'll admit about 5 or 6 of those were from the boomerang either trying to finish a boss quicker or testing it out to see if it actually works.

Just a few more levels and I'll have all stats filled. Need 7 more agility.

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99 Red Knight.

After that, there's only my 51 Brute and that's it until about 24-30.

Also, I never use Red Knight in the Arena, I got Conehead :D

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Red Knight's level 82 now. Having some trouble on Volcano and Industrial Castle with my brother (30-something Blue Knight).

Main problem with Volcano is the amount of enemies to go through before you actually reach Socky and the Dragon, then Ind.Castle is just plain hard because of the bombs and saws. Basically it's to the point where I use a potion after I get hit 4 times, and that gets annoying.

Fire Demons are easy to deal with once you learn to cycle between lining them up and electrocuting them, then barraging them with arrows until your magic fills back up. Just need to take my time with the Dragon and I should have that beat soon.

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green knight - 35

red knight - 76

blue knight - 40

orange knight - 99

gray knight - 23

barbarian - 31

thief - 1

beekeeper - 1

industrialist - 1

brute - 3

royal gaurd - 1

peasant - 4

bear - 7

conehead - 1

fire demon - 32

skeleton - 37

iceskimo - 44

ninja - 1


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