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So, me and my friend love BBT, it brings us together for a nice friendly...




Anyway, I've heard that the Behemoth is only releasing this on Xbox one and steam. I was happy to hear that they were ad least releasing it on steam, but neither me or my friend have an Xbox one. (We have a 360.) Not many other Behemoth members do either. The reason for me or my friend not having one, is because none of our old games would work on it. I guess I would consider getting one in the future, (1,000,000 years from now when it becomes cheap.) but not right at this moment.

My friend doesn't have a computer (I know, pretty sad.) but he has a tablet to browse the web and stuff. So, he can't get steam and play multiplayer with me. Also, we can't do split-screen without an Xbox one. And I don't want to be gaming on Game 4 alone. Its only fun with friends. (But not random people on steam.)


So, Behemoth, I would be really happy if you would release this new Game on Xbox 360. And I think others would agree.

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I'm happy with the current release plans. Better to focus efforts on a few platforms instead of trying to eat the entire market.


I haven't even finished The Banner Saga, and i'm itching for more games like that. So, i'll get it no matter in which platform it is released.

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Maybe the 360 doesn't have enough memory to run Game 4. 


I don't think that would be the case, seeing as the 360 can run huge expansive games like the battelfield series, and it only has 256mb of RAM. 


My two cents: It could be that developing on the 360 and ps3 in general is cumbersome, because of the new consoles running on a PC-like architechture, it would mean developing for the new systems would be more favorable. 

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