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Can't Play Online On Both Castle Crashers And Battleblock Theater!

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BattleBlock Theater:

Everytime i click the quick match button it always says all games are currently full. EVERYTIME i tried hosting, no one ever joined. I tried playing online for over 2 weeks and all games are always full. Something must be wrong.


Castle Crashers:

NEVER found any game. it says No Games Found.



Please help, i'm really tempted to play with other people and get some achievements and also make friends. I'm bored playing local, i have sticks but i have no friends to play with. I beg you

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I get this problem sometimes too.


Try playing at peak times, maybe there is genuinely nobody online when you tried playing.


Also try joining a game of a friend (if you have one). Then you will see if it is a connection problem or not.


If youre on 360, Il test it with you.


Hope I helped!

- J

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There are a couple things that could be going on here!


I'm going to assume you're on Steam, but let me know if you're on X360.


My main question is -- have you tried adjusting your IPs? And where in the world are you located? Our online Steam games restrict random matchmaking to people in or around your country -- so if you are in a country where the game is less popular, you will see less matches via Random Match. 


You can also try Arrange to Play to find someone specific to play with:


Now, here is a huge wall o' text!


I know you've tried hosting already, but I'm going to include a little info on that as well... 


FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE: HOSTING - Use this if you can't find a game to play with Quick Match. 

Our games uses traditional peer to peer hosting, and it will not automatically designate a host. If you cannot connect to a game, it may be that there are just no or very few hosted games available! Please try leading the charge, and creating your own hosted game with the Host a Player Match Option.

SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE: PORTS - Use this if you're having trouble hosting, creating or connecting to games.

We use Steam's matchmaking system to create Peer to Peer games. Your network must be properly configured for Steam online services:

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