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I can't play Mother 3

Pokémon Showdown!

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DK and I were fighting on Pokemon Showdown and then I was like, "hey what if we made a thread to compile the replays of the fights anyone who plays has?" Then DK was like, "sure." But he never made it so here I am making the thread.


Anyways, feel free to post your replays of Pokemon Showdown here, for example, the fight between DK and I. To anyone who hasn't heard of or played Pokemon Showdown, here's a breakdown.

1. Go search Pokemon Showdown on your search engine (or click here)

2. Make what you think will be your unbeatable team.
3. Go to an online match.
4. Fail horribly.
5. Try not to cry.

6. Cry a lot.

7. ???????
8. Profit


And if you want to fight anyone you can post that here too I guess, But I'll probably lose if you challenge me though.

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I go on there sometimes but only do random battles. Or I use my metronome team of 6 arceus' with metronome and assist against a friend doing the same thing :I

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Hey so I'm reviving this thread to tell you all that Showdown updated with the gen 7 pokemon! I've played it for a bit in the past few days and the competitive scene is still being shaped, so have fun and experiment in OU while you can still use all of the OP legendaries (mind you there are a few story-spoiler-ish mons available for selection so play at your own risk.)

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