[20-Mar-2015] Solo Feature - From Humble Beginnings

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Common parlance suggests that super heroes are just a reflection and magnification of ourselves. They're just bigger, better versions of you and me, right? Well I'll tell you, if I had super powers, I wouldn't let anybody lock me up inside this here Theater-Prison. No sir! I'd be doing the locking up. That's right, I'd be the one trapping MYSELF in my horrible, non-gilded but familiar and psychologically comfortable cage. 


Solo Feature

Super Heroes by edwinewe

Difficulty : Intermediate


(Intermediate)Oh, the lovely middle. The greenest grass will occasionally be right here, firmly content to be on the fence. Levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign will be here. Expect some challenge, but nothing too strenuous.


Heroes are also well known for punching out the bad guys! If you count cat guards as bad guys, then you'll have plenty to punch out. Also, heroes have cool origins; this playlist's simple beginnings belie it's deep and innovative design the deeper you go. Also, a lot of heroes are out for revenge, which if you think about it, isn't very heroic at all. Plus, heroes are well known for being incredibly rich with multiple doctorate level smarts, even though they can only get a job as a freelance photographer, which is pretty much just like you and me.








If your planning on becoming a super hero've got to have a sweet mask! Here--let me give you some advice: First, take off your underwear and hold it in your hand. This might not work if you have lady underwear, so if you're wearing lady underwear, you'll have to borrow a grandpa and then steal his underwear. So, hold the grandpa underwear in your hand. Now, here is the tricky part, pull it down over your face. You are now wearing a too-cool super hero mask! 


Fine, if you don't want to take my great super hero advice, let this prisoner do it for you:




Finish a Furbottom's Feature Story playlist and you'll throw the stain-signal up into the night sky! You'll  unlock Mr. Peabody this week in BattleBlock Theater!

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Happy Friday! We've re-featured this playlist in Furbottom's Features and for a limited time only you can unlock Winston when you complete all the FF levels! 


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