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[20-Mar-2015] Solo Feature: Aw, To Heck With It

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I am flabbergasted. Seriously. Every last one of my flabbers has been gast. It's like the ghost of missed opportunities has come back to bite me in my level designing butt. I tell ya... this playlist. Just who does this guy think he is??

Solo Feature:
Hellish Hazards by SilentKnight96
Difficulty: Expert

Oh, that's who he thinks he is. That's fair.

Neverending "why didn't I think of that!?!?"'s aside, what we have here is a varied, polished and exceedingly clever playlist, utilizing just about every trick in the BattleBlock Theater big book of "1001 Ways to Torment a Stranger".

From the uncluttered-yet-deadly boulder-catapult-staircases of "Conveyer Boat", to the mindboggling intricate pathways of "Space Race" and "Ghost House", each level is a thoughtful exercise in keeping you on your toes, mentally and physically (I bet you didn't even know your mind HAD toes). And I don't even know how to do justice to the trigger-laden triumph that is "Tick Tock"; just super, super cool stuff.


Now, I don't want to make SilentKnight96 sound like some kind of level designing superhero, but yes, maybe he is. Maybe he wears his underwears on the outside and designs levels to entrap criminals in his freetime. Who knows?

Either way, we thought it was only appropriate to release a prisoner who also knows a thing or two about wearing their undies where they don't belong!


What's Peabody's super power? He has a hard time hearing through those tighty-whities, so you'll have to get right up close if you want to ask. What's wrong? Go for it.

[Featured Solo Playlist 20-MARCH-2015]

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Happy Friday! We've re-featured this playlist in Furbottom's Features and for a limited time only you can unlock Winston when you complete all the FF levels! 


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