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[27-Mar-2015] Calling All Kings Of The Court!

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[Written by Erin]


It's a well known fact that red and blue have had a rough history with one another, starting with the Chroma Wars of 1612. Thankfully, the two troublesome tints have since found a better way to express their monochromatic angst... blood sports!

Arena Feature
Red vs Blue by Brutal Berserk

Whether you're a red-blooded man or a blue-blooded lady, there's a lot to love in this weeks mix of the ever-popular Ball and King arena modes.

"Prison Ball" starts things off with a tightly paced arrangement that allows players to take shots from a variety of lava-launched angles, followed by my favorite King level of the playlist: "Torero Party". Imagine a game of chicken, on a Slip'N Slide, with a deadly man-eating monster in the very middle. Fun!

Later on, we have some King blocks on the side of some kind of industrial mulcher/drowning machine, and "Garbage City" is your typical cramped tunnel of doom, but Mr. Berserk keeps things interesting thanks to some well placed lava and gum blocks.

And finally, in a move that I'd like to see in more arena playlists, the final level is just an opportunity to say "to heck with the rules!!" and beat each other up. If you and yours are like my bestest besties and I, you need that sort of thing every so often.

Let's all enjoy some screenshots while we contemplate the inherent violence of man!







Did you know that earlier this week was Puppy Day? It was and you probably missed it! But today is nothing, and in honor of that comes a prisoner who represents nothing at all: Meebs!


My man Meebs is adorable, despite having huge eyesockets instead of huge eyes. You'd think that would make a bigger difference. Huh.

[Featured Arena Playlist 27-MARCH-2015] 

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Happy Friday! 


Time to give this Arena playlist another go! We've re-featured these community-made levels for the next two weeks. While you're in the game, you can also unlock Sausage by heading to an online area (like the Arena Features). The game will only notify you if you haven't unlocked Sausage before. 




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It's time to rotate the Arena Feature back to this playlist! 


We've also brought back Duckshark as the unlock this week. Head to an online area of the game to unlock it!

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