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[3-April-2015] Coop Feature - More Like Running Men, Really.

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This week's offering has the solid, confident feeling of something that is tried and true, in that I tried it and it was true.

Truly good that is! Behold:

Coop Playlist:
RunningMan coop by razavimday

(Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode!)

As anyone who's snooped around BattleBlock Theater long enough knows, the big ole B-B-T has been around for a long time. Like, War & Peace long. Like your grandma's toenails long (zing! take that granny!). In fact, it's been around so long that a certain movie starring a certain Austrian strong-body had to have come after.

Well done, Hollywood. Next you'll be pitching a movie where a bunch of nice people are stranded in a high-tech tropical warzone and forced to do murders on each other in front of a live audience. Maybe even add some cats in there, or heck, just name one of them "Kat" or something if you want to be sly about it. There. You're welcome.

What were we talking about?

Oh right, razavimday. Hey that's fun to say! Even if things feel familiar from time to time, lack of originality is definitely NOT a problem when it comes to this week's playlist. Multiple times my crew and I found ourselves floundering around for where to go next, and being caught off guard is one of my most favorite things, even if I'm not the most graceful flounderer.

Check out my flounderings below for a handy preview/travel guide!




That most graceful of floor flounderers is honored with this week's prisoner release, Snake Face!



He has a face, in a snake. Putting your head inside something's mouth is usually a BAD idea, but this is pretty fashion forward, so he get's a pass from me.

Have a fun week, everyone!!

[Featured Coop Playlist 3-April-2015]

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On Friday, January 19th, we brought this playlist back to Furbottom's Features and we changed the reward to Blocketeer! Be sure to play through Furbottom's Features soon to unlock this prisoner!


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