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This is a legit spoiler for once. If you don't want to see what this may be, first off, why are you here, but secondly, avert your eyes. You have been warned...

Genius, Behemoth, genius. You plan to make a minigame with a Castle Crashers theme, BattleBlock Theater and Game 4 style, and try to get fans who've played one or two of them to try out something else...


Or I may be totally wrong. That happens too much enough that it's a possibility.


There's one photo that really sticks out to me and that's the results screen. From this, I feel I know what this game is. On the screen, you see a nurse, but this is the animal nurse (vet, I know), from the Castle Crashers Animal Ark. This kinda reminded me of how Hatty would give you a thumbs up in BBT after completing a level, because he is the reason you're playing the level. How fitting...
And this brings us to our good ol' friend the vet. Why would she be there? And heck, why is this timed?

I think the plot of this game is that the vet sends out the four main knights to find the animal orbs. Hence the timer, and the baddies. You need a reason to be in a hurry! Besides, the foreign art style adds to the idea. Say you're lost or something, I dunno. But this is what make sense to me...

I'm probably very wrong here. You're laughing at me Megan, aren't you? :cry:

Anyway, this is just my idea. Nothing more than that. Feel free to debate this if you care, but I'm not going to patch any hole you may stab into this theory :-D


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Time to analyze these photos and video (and be totally wrong about everything):


It looks like the minigame is based on Castle Crashers with Barbarian enemies, but instead of controlling the knights you control game pieces based on the knights. It takes place on a board made of square tiles of different heights and different materials like grass, rocks, water, etc


The controls are pretty interesting; on each space your character is surrounded by a blue, red, green, and yellow tile and pressing the button on the controller moves you to that space, although the interesting part is that the layout of the colors doesn't necessarily correspond to the layout on the controller, so you have to think carefully about what button you're pressing. I can't tell what the arrows on the spaces do though. (Maybe they only determine the direction the barbarians will go in if they land on that space?)


It looks like the minigame is about surviving for as long as you can, as there's a timer at the top of the screen and it appears that players are scored based on time and the highest time wins. The games look pretty quick, as the longest we see anyone survive in the video is 40.40 seconds. (Perhaps the timer at the top during the actual game is a time limit in case the game drags on too long, although that begs the question "What if the timer runs out and multiple players are left standing?") I think it's safe to assume that the enemies kill you, although I wonder if other players can kill you by jumping on your space of if you can die by falling in water. The enemies look like they move around the board randomly, so I would guess that you're trying to avoid them for as long as you can, although some spots in the video showed more barbarians than other parts so it's probably safe to assume that more enemies will appear and make the game harder as time goes on. We also see a yellow knight die in the video; it looks like he was sweating and then suddenly died without any enemies touching him, so it's likely that not pressing a button will kill you after a certain amount of time.


There's also a red pot of jelly/honey/mysterious liquid that the red knight is going after. I can't imagine the goal of the game is to collect those since the scores seemed to be based on time, so I would assume it's a power-up of some kind. The red color probably means the red knight is the only character that can pick it up.


And most importantly, careful analysis of the pictures reveals that the people playing it are having fun  :-P

I'm doubtful that it's related to Game 4 in any way though, since hexagonal tiles seems to be a major theme of Game 4 and these are obviously square tiles. Also it features Castle Crashers characters and no Game 4 characters (from the pictures we've seen), so I'd imagine this is a small game the Behemoth is making for expos and probably an XBLA/Steam release, or it might be tagged onto Game 4 as a bonus game.

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