Would You Fancy A Ringtone?

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So I have this expensive program I aquired for school, and wondering, what I could be using it for in the spare time I have from work and projects?
Then I realized, I could help make ringtones for people! It's pretty simple, doesn't take too long, and people have to go through a lot of pain just to get what they want usually. 
So if you would like to request a song that you would love to blare at your friends to annoy them, please do so! 
Reminder: I am a very busy person during the week, so if I am unable to get back to you within a couple days, please have patience with me!   :)


Update: I am pretty busy during the week, including off days, so if I cannot get back to you during the week, I will try my best for the weekend! 

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If you can make message sounds too I would like to have the word (Warning, its german:) "Beeindruckend!" (sounds like "ba indrukand") It's in the video The word starts at 00:38 and ends at 00:40. Thank you.


No Problem, sorry for the wait and here you go!



Make it as long as you feel necessary. Thanks!

Unfortunately my computer is pretty ancient so I couldn't do that, and another problem I have run into is that the site I use to upload ringtones only allows 30 seconds. I did my best to make sure I got the best 30 seconds of the opening theme though!

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How about this?


"Domo Arigato Mister Roboto, Domo domo"

The song is called Mister Roboto. :)

I couldn't upload because of copyright stuff, i'm sorry   :-(  If you have an android device, I can make a drop box and you can put it on your phone from there! 


Minor Circuit? ;-)

I'm pretty sure you know what that is, but PM me if you want a link.

here you go:



here you go:

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Could you get me the whole Roshan rap from "Pyrion Flax's guide to Roshan"?

Sorry I couldn't provide the video, i'm logged from my phone. :c

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