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Skeletony Animal Orb

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So i got this idea for a Skeleton animal orb,

The name of the animal orb will be Skeletony(Skele and Tony, get it..?)


The orb will give you a crit chance, wich makes it so if you have a weapon eqquiped that also gives you a crit chance then you will crit twice as often as before.


If this animal orb would be in the game, i think that it could be included in a DLC pack for Game 4, or if not, then the animal orb could be obtained by digging behind the purple crystal in the Necromancer's purple crystal room.


I tried to make this image on how the animal orb could look like, yes i know, i suck at drawing on a computer.



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That would be cool. I don't think any other animal orbs give you more crit chance. Nice idea!


Sounds interesting, and helpful.


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