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[5-June-2015] Arena Feature - Claustromania

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extreme or irrational joy derived from confined spaces.

Arena Feature
Point Grabber by icekiimo

There is something to be said about creative use of tiny areas. Helps you focus on what is there rather than what you do not have (which is, ummm...surface area?!). This playlist has a succinct set of small spaces which can easily fit on a single screen. This leads to tight battles, especially 4-player, where every moment matters and not a single block feels wasted.




Getting good at grabbing points is a great way to spend a weekend. Hopefully you'll be awake for it after the sugar crash that is National Donut Day! Crash that crash right back with a surly fist into a buzzsaw and grab this week's prisoner release, Donuts!


Just log-in with BattleBlock Theater and Donuts will be yours to play today!

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Happy Furbottom's Fridays! Unlock 25% OFF (Prisoner) this week when you head to an online area of the game. We've also updated the Arena Feature this week with this playlist! 

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