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[5-June-2015] Leedin Takes The Lead!

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Written by Erin


Arena Feature:
Soc- Basketball by Leedin

You know, prisoners make this mistake all the time. "Let's play some soc-- basketball." Sure, it can be easy to make that mistake, but when you have an international collection of prisoners, some of whom call soccer, "football"... well, it's just a mess. Of course, "basketball" is wrong too... unless my high school team was playing the game really, really badly. Like, NO ONE was hit by lasers. Not once. Weird, right?

Thankfully, we can overlook this minor slip-up in the title because this week's arena designer knocked it completely out of the park. Or should I say theater? All I know is that there was metaphorical ball here, BUT NOW IT'S GONE.

Thoughtful, varied design keeps the action fresh and yet still in your hands, which is essential because things being in your hands is a key aspect of carrying a ball to your enemy's net. I did once see a prisoner carry it in their mouth instead, but three or four other players had recently exploded while holding that same ball.

It's the kind of aftertaste that just doesn't wash away after one tooth brushing, let me tell you.

Now, while you wash THAT flavor out of the mouth of your imagination, take a look at these nifty preview shots!








You know what I use to wash tastes out of my mouth, imaginary or otherwise? I eat donuts!


I'm serious! These delicious little doughbabies are at serious risk whenever they are around me. If you want Donuts here to survive, you'd better go online and unlock him quick..

[Featured Playlist 5 June 2015]

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Happy Furbottom's Fridays! Unlock 25% OFF (Prisoner) this week when you head to an online area of the game. We've also updated the Arena Feature this week with this playlist! 

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