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What Games Have Just Finished?

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I just marathoned 999 on the DS in one sitting, and damn that's some good VN right there. I know we've got a few Danganronpa fans cruising on the forums and I fully recommend 999 to anyone who enjoyed those games, it's got the same quality characters and an equally dark and twisted narrative. Had me on the edge of my seat and constantly trying to math out what was going to happen the entire game. Multiple endings is rad too; I got a pretty awful ending but thankfully I can play through the game at least one more time and choose entirely different puzzles to hopefully get a better one.

Overall 9/9, would 9 again

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I finished up my first playthrough of Aragami (stealth action game, think Tenchu but with a shadow teleport gimmick) yesterday without killing a single enemy (rip PS4 framerate). It was tough but worth it in the end.

Or it would have been, if my save file didn't mess up. After finishing my no kill run yesterday afternoon and spending a bit of time in multiplayer yesterday evening, I spent a couple hours this morning beating the first 3 chapters killing all enemies without detection (because its kind of tough doing both at once). But I just started the game back up this afternoon and the game has reverted my progress back to the second to last chapter of my no-kill run.

I still have the trophies as proof of completion, but my cool skins and hard work just got thrown out the window. Now I'm scared to go back and finish up my all kills no detections run in case it messes up my save again. :-(

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