“Game 4” Will Henceforth Be Known As “Pit People”!

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I will so get this game it looks beyond awesome! Will there be a collectors edition disc or something?

Will this get a release date soon?

It looks a little like Final Fantasy Tactics, was that on purpose?

SOOOOO hyped for this release!

Behemoth, you are my favourite game developers!

:-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P  :-P

We haven't even had a hint of a release date yet, usually that would mean that we'll be waiting at least 3 months for release, most of the time devs won't reveal a release date like a week from after the reveal. I wish they would, would be nice to look at and see an update saying the game is releasing on Christmas Eve ;) HINT HINT ;)

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