I Need Help Setting Up A Snes!

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While I was on vacation, we had a package being delivered. I had purchased a SNES off of Amazon, and was really excited to play it. When I set it up, it didn't work. We're considering getting a different set of audio and video cables, but they came packaged so you would think they would work. Power is flowing, because the red dot on the front is glowing. The games fit in fine, but when we look on the TV for any sign of it showing the game, it doesn't show up. Our TV is a Panasonic, if anybody out there knows what to do with it.

Help is very appreciated!

Never mind, I just needed a new pair of video and audio cables.

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If it's a fancy pants TV, make sure you plug your AV cords in the right place. It might be a good idea to try and dig out an older TV, so you won't have trouble figuring out what goes where.

Have fun with that SNES by the way. Favorite console of all time right there.

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