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[7-24-2015] Solo Feature: Let's Start At The Very Beginning...

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Solo Playlist:
Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo) by TheJArago
Difficulty: Intermediate

(Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen.)

A lot of thought clearly went into this week's solo playlist, and the biggest signifier is how fair this playlist is. How fair? MAD fair. So fair that I can safely suggest you try it out on Insane mode. Seriously! Insane mode really begs for a playlist that doesn't bamboozle its performers with sudden hazards and utter chaos, and Ambitious (Chapter 1) does such an great job with communication and pacing that bamboozlement should be at an all time low.

Also, the colors! There's nothing wrong with playing it safe, but I could see how you might normally think that you were performing in a prison, given all the blues and greys we tend to see. I mean, you'd be right -this is definitely a prison- but that doesn't mean it has to LOOK like it! So props for the fun, well coordinated colors seen in this week's playlist and DOUBLE props for taking the time to apply them in aesthetically pleasing patterns. It may seem minor, but we actually spent a bit of time applying paint to all those blocks in Story Mode, and we like to see that effort in Community levels as well. It just looks nice and thought out that way!

TheJArago has named his playlist "Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo)", suggesting there might not only be a chapter 2, but a chapters 3, 4 and so on... And mayhaps some Coop to match? Have at it, JArago, Mr. Furbottom is watching...!

...what do you mean that sounded creepy? I just meant he's interested in what you're doing! Yeesh! Anywho, here's a peek of what's in store:


Wheels would like to kindly request that you not ask him what is in his trunk, especially in regards to how much "junk" may or may not be contained therein.

Thank you!



[Featured Playlist 24 July 2015]

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This week we bring back the Boot for players who complete Furbottom's Features! We've also re-featured this solo playlist so you can play these levels to unlock das Boot. 

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